Our Mission

To enable every one seamlessly express and share their views, report life changing information, and get informed about business directories.


Pencover is a modernized social Forum founded May 2016. It was created to simplify discussion board information and promote more of life changing information embedded in 3 categories (General/Hangout/Religion) to all our dearest visitors and community users.

In the bid to keep our visitors and users updated, a business directory was added to enable quick search to desired location. In view with our mission, we provide our esteemed visitors ability to comment and share their views on any feeds anonymously with limited data entries.


In the struggle to go higher, never under estimate the best smiles on your way, because it may be a trick to slow you down.


Pencover was created by Tonye Lekara who is a computer programmer with over 12years experience with strong background in Computer Science, Embedded Systems, and Robotics.